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Brisbane Movie Makers  Looking back at a great production.

This production is a credit to all the management skills of Col Tretheway to pull together such a large production from a wide range of actors to a wide range of  locations.
It also has shown that a club like BMM can produce a movie and involve most of the club members in a variety of roles.
Well done!
We are currently looking for scripts to select one for a production in 2018. Please call us via our club contacts page.

BMM club shoot "Edith's Choice" this whole project was managed and directed by Col and the whole BMM team
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Club Meeting
Meeting: 1st & 3rd Thursday
Time: 7:30pm–10:00pm
Address: 18 Josling St, Toowong.

On the 1st Thursday we show our movies. See our  Program
On the 3rd Thursday we have presentations. See our program.

See picture below for location of Brisbane Movie Makers.
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Welcome to Brisbane Movie Makers
If you want to make movies or simply be better at using your camcorder, this is the club for you. We have members that range from the film enthusiast through to the semi-professional movie-maker.

We have two club meetings each month, where you will get the chance to learn, share your knowledge and show your movies. Throughout the year we show movies that have been made by members as well as having technical and theoretical talks about different aspects of video.

Come along and see what we offer. As our guest you will have the opportunity to talk with other film-making enthusiasts and learn about film-making in a warm friendly atmosphere. Check out the benefits for members.

Program for this year
In 2017 we are using a course structure where members will be taken through a program from pre-production through to post production, with a creation of  movies throughout the year

Each month members will be invited to make a short movie from a list of program. These have been devised to encourage members to get active and make movies. These movies can be made by individuals or in groups. The important thing is to just get out there and produce those movies.

You can be involved in major productions if you wish or just do your own thing. If you have a project that you would like to get off the ground, you will be given every assistance but at all times you will remain in control. It will be your project.

Look at a re edited version of Cols movie "Obsession"
Obsession’ is a short movie shot in Redcliffe, Queensland with the combined resources of actors from local theatre groups and crew from Brisbane Movie Makers.
Almost 26 years and still going, the Einbunpin Festival is a celebration by and for the community about those things that make the Sandgate district special!

Christopher Eipper, a German missionary, recorded the name of the Lagoon back in 1840 when Aborigines of the Turrbal tribe were still living their traditional ways. As he recorded their traditional way of life he heard them use words like, Bun Yun Pin, Yin Pin Bun to describe the lagoon as a place where they got tuberous roots for bush tucker. The roots came from a fern we know as the Bungwall Fern that grew around the margins of the lagoon.  Once the aboriginal women had gathered these roots they would pound them flat with a stone into a biscuit shape and then roast in the fire.

The winner!
Col  congratulates Peter as the winner of the editing of the BMM club movie "Call Centre"
To see the movie go to,
Our Movies,
Remembering Susan.
Club members under the direction of Catherine Cox putting together the first scene of "Remembering Susan"
The outside sequences to make up the movie will be shot later.
The weather was kind to us to put together the final scenes of, Remembering Susan, at a secret site in Redcliffe.
The crew and actors worked seemlessly to produce the climax of the story.
Now we look forward to the editing sessions by club members.

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