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BMM August program notice

Brisbane Movie Makers
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Do you consider yourself an artist?
Are you aware that, in making a motion picture, you are applying artistic principles that were discovered thousands of years ago and that have influenced the human race ever since.  In fact, these same principles seem to apply throughout nature to the present day!
Phew! Sounds heavy! But it's not, it's really easy to apply and can make a fundamental difference to the impact of any movie you care to make.
This evening we are going to explore a rarely discussed aspect of our art!   For that's what it is. These simple principles will have wide implications for our upcoming music video and flower-growing documentaries. The proper application of ‘Composition’ could make or break both of these projects.
There are many factors to be considered when framing before you press the button to record. Neal will open your minds to explore further possibilities affecting ‘composition’.
So you think you already know all about ‘Composition’? Good! Then please come along and share your knowledge or perhaps pick up a few more hints and tips.
Kind regards,

John and Neville at BMM on 19th July

Brisbane Movie Makers
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Rode Microphones competition 2018

Brisbane Movie Makers
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